About WQPS

Water Quality & Pumping Solutions came into being in May 2012 with the view to offering customers a more personalised and specialised service regarding their water quality, pumping, irrigation and desalination requirements in many areas including the Barossa Valley, Clare and Adelaide.

This can be as straight forward as to installing or supplying filtration and disinfection equipment for rain water supply up to the construction, operation and maintenance of waste water treatment and desalination plants.

Water Quality & Pumping Solutions also supply, install and maintain magnetic reactors, water softeners and filtration equipment. We can carry out on site testing of water and offer a full water analysis service.

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WQPS can supply and install specialist filtration equipment from cartridge, disc and media filters to chemical and mineral removal filters.

In addition to water quality a major part of our business is involved in the supply, installation and service of water pumping equipment ranging from small domestic household pressure pumps right through to industrial pump sets for both above and below ground applications including water well submersible bore pumps and pump control equipment, variable frequency drive units and cloud based control and monitoring systems.

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We can service most bore pumps and motors and can replace steel, poly or flexible bore delivery pipe.

Our office is situated at Bethel in South Australia’s lower mid north and we operate a depot in Nuriootpa in the Barossa Valley making our services ideal for the wine growing regions of The Barossa and Clare Valleys however, we will travel to any area that is economically viable from the customers’ perspective.

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Water Quality & Pumping Solutions was founded by Lindsay Browne who has had over sixteen years experience in the water industry as well as twenty seven years experience in the materials handling industry which included the repair and maintenance of hydraulic components such as pumps, filters and valves etc… “This background in hydraulics set me in good stead when I entered the water industry as there are obviously similarities in operations between water and oil based systems”.

The water quality side of the business has been steadily growing and now includes the design, construction and installation of waste water treatment plants and R/O desalination plants.

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WQPS offer personalised and specialised service regarding your water quality and pumping. requirements.